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I'm going to look at three new places tomorrow. Two in Brooklyn,… - Come one come all. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
stuff and nonsense

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[Mar. 7th, 2008|01:57 am]
stuff and nonsense
I'm going to look at three new places tomorrow.

Two in Brooklyn, one in Manhattan. The first one is a room in an apartment share with a lesbian couple. Kinda in a *mildly* shady neighborhood, but the rent is cheap and they seem cool. The second is a loft in Bed-Stuy...what once was just a few years ago the scariest neighborhood in NYC but is now becoming increasingly gentrified and artsty. The potential roommate sounds cool here too and there is enough space to bring my marimba here...

And the third...the place in Manhattan. I want this place so hardcore bad. First of all, it's in Manhattan, and Manhattan rent is OUTRAGEOUS and this neighborhood (Washington Heights) is one of the last few reasonably-priced neighborhoods to live. The area used to be extremely dangerous, right up there with Bed-Stuy and Harlem, but much like Harlem, is now becoming a very hip area in which to live. Coincidentally, Fort Tryon Park is a few blocks away and I love love LOVE the Cloisters! I really really like this area a lot actually, it's really pretty. It's only a matter of time before it's discovered and every hipster in the 5 boroughs is trying to get a place. There are gorgeous views of the Hudson and George Washington Bridge.

Anyway, chatted with one of the potential roommates tonight, he's super cool; a DJ, travels a lot, all in all, it's a very relaxed, chill roommate environment. The place has wood floors I'm told, I can't wait to see! All I want is a cool neighborhood and wood floors! Obviously good roommates are must too! Soooo tomorrow evening, can't wait to go!

From: egalite
2008-03-08 03:23 am (UTC)
crossing my fingers for you!
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